Hello! This is the page that I gush about Toga. Just leave, this will be chaos.

The 3 points of greatness in characters.(In my opinion)

1. Cute
2. Skillfull
3. Ballenced

On the first point, cute, my top greatest characters are all pretty cute, it just adds a mask to hide their true personality. What's that personality you ask? Vicous, crazy, brutal, amoung other things. The mask makes everyone think, "Aww cute, innocent, cinnamon roll!" When the character is really far from it.
For the second point, the character needs to be skillfull. They need to be skillful because if they aren't, they are useless to any story or roleplay. My favorite skills are knife-throwing, magic, martial arts, and poisons & potions.
For the third point, the charachter needs to be ballenced. They need to be ballenced because nobody wants an overpowered (OP) character or an bland 'cardboard' character.

Toga meets all of these, therefore she is a good character and one of my top favorites :D